Flower Memorial Spiritualist Church
​We are a member of the National Spiritualist Association of Churches
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About Flower Memorial Spiritualist Church
    Flower Memorial Spiritualist Church is affiliated with the Michigan State Spiritualist Association of Churches, as well as the National Spiritualist Association of Churches. Built in 1934, the charming and picturesque Flower Memorial Spiritualist Church has been part of the Leslie community for over 80 years.

Simplified Declaration of Principles 

1. We believe in God.
2. We believe that God is expressed through all Nature.
​3. True religion is living in obedience to Nature's Laws.
4. We never die.
5. Spiritualism proves that we can talk to people in the Spirit World.
6. Be kind, do good, and others will do likewise.
7. We bring unhappiness to ourselves by the errors we make, and we will be happy 
    if we obey the Laws of Life.
8. Every day is a new beginning.
9. Prophecy and healing are expressions of God.

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